Advanced Implantology Masterclass – Private 2

Advanced Implantology Masterclass

Never before have these excellent mentors participated in an advanced implantology online program, all together.

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Prosthetic Enhancement Of Surgically Augmented Soft Tissue Around Dental Implants

Live in Feb 10th 2021 10.00 A.M. Athens time

 4 hours course with the latest topic of Giovanni Zucchelli;

〉 30 min. Questions and Answers ( Q&A );

〉 30 days access to review the course and structure the information


√ The replacement of teeth in esthetic area with dental implants is among the most challenging treatments for the dental teams.

In the last few years the soft tissue augmentation combined with the digital techologies are changing the approach of the implant positionig, prosthetic components and dental materials to enhance the healthy and functional aspects indistinguishable from a natural tooth. The lecture will highlight the benefits of the soft tissue augmentation

and answer on many questions regarding the timing and modality of implant placement, the prosthetic management of the peri-implant as well as the clinical protocols for immediate or delayed temporization, which will serves to sculpt and maintain the soft tissues contours around the implant restorations in single vs multiple site replacement. Moreover, several clinical cases will be presented to show the surgical and digital/prosthetic approach to treat malpositioned dental implants discussing a modern criteria to remove or manteined an implant in esthetic zone.

Crestal Approach In Sinus Elevation – 20 Years Of Researches

Live in February 12th 2021 11.00 Athens time


〉1.5 hours course with the latest topic of Dr. Georgio Carusi

〉 30 minutes Questions and Answers ( Q&A )

〉 30 days access to review the entire course


√ Maxillary sinus surgery has always been the subject of discussion among advocates of the most traumatic technique through the vestibular porthole and supporters of crestal access.
There are elements, given mainly by the height of the residual crestal bone, i.e. the distance between the floor of the maxillary sinus and the bony ridge.
Twenty years ago, when I began to study and develop a strategy for lifting the floor of the maxillary sinus by crest, I began with a residual height of at least 5 mm, as Summers had suggested in 1994 and later Cosci. Gradually improving the technique and increasing the experience, I started using this technique even with residual bone heights of 3-4 mm, paying maximum attention to bone density and the slow and progressive lifting of the mucous membrane.


Live in February 18th 2021 10.00 A.M. Athens time


 3 hours lecture with the latest techniques of Prof. Massimo Simion;

〉 1 hour Questions and Answers ( Q&A );

〉30 days access to review the entire course


In the last few years the aesthetic result of the final prosthetic restoration has become one of the most fascinating challenge in implant dentistry. As a matter of fact, the implant position is now driven more by the prosthetic request than by the quantity and the morphology of the available bone.

The introduction of the biological concepts of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) in the last 10-15 years has determined a major improvement in the aesthetic outcomes.

A correct diagnosis based on a multidisciplinary approach, including periodontal, prosthetic and surgical parameters is crucial. The periodontal evaluation must consider different factors regarding the patient’s periodontal health and anatomy like the periodontium bio-type, amount of cheratinized gingiva and mucosa, the height and the width of available bone.

The prosthetic treatment planning has to consider cosmetics, phonetics and function.

The implant placement in a proper position is essential for at least four reasons:
(1) the emerging profile of the final prosthetic restoration is influenced by the position of the implant;
(2) a sufficient amount of bone must be maintained buccally, mesially and distally to the implant;
(3) there must be a minimal discrepancy between the axis of the crown and the axis of the fixture;
(4) A proper biological width must be respected.

The regenerative techniques have been recently improved with the introduction of more effective barrier membranes, osteoconductive biomaterials, and the development of surgical procedures. This techniques, allowing bone regeneration vertically in a coronal direction, determined a substantial improvement in the final aesthetic outcomes.

Hot Topics In Implants 2021

Live in February 25th 2021 15.00 Athens time


 2.5 hours course with the latest topic of Dr. Dean VAFIADIS

〉 30 minutes Questions and Answers ( Q&A )

〉30 days access to review the entire course


√ This presentation will de-mystify some basic restorative and implant decisions that we make everyday.

What cementation technique is best? Can we connect teeth to implants? How many implants do we really need for full arch restorations? Is an Implant Over-denture as good as Fixed Implant Prosthesis? These and many other questions will be discussed according to new literature and clinical experience.

Facial analysis techniques and smile design will also be discussed and practical approach fro private practice will be demonstrated.

Soft Tissue Augmentation For Implant Dentistry

Live in March 04th 2021 15.00 P.M. Athens time


 3 hours course with the latest tricks and tips of Dr. Lin & Dr. Kim;

〉 1 hour Questions and Answers ( Q&A );

〉 30 days access to review the entire course


√ Soft tissue management has long been an important part in implant dentistry.

It is not only the quantity, but also the quality of the soft tissue around implants that will lead to the long-term stability and success.

This presentation will begin with the foundation of soft tissue healing and further lead to the principles of soft tissue surgeries. The clinical applications of soft tissue augmentation in implant dentistry will be reviewed. A variety of surgical techniques will be introduced to treat different types of soft tissue defects. Concepts and techniques for preventive soft tissue management are also incorporated into this lecture. This presentation will focus on clinical decision-making and surgical techniques by which comprehensive guidelines for soft tissue management can be established.

Advances For Esthetic Dental Implants: Minimally Invasive Techniques With Biologics (RhPDGF-BB)

Live in March 11th 2021 15.00 Athens time


 2.5 hours course with the latest topic of Dr. Marc Nevins

〉 45 minutes Questions and Answers ( Q&A )

〉 30 days access to review the entire course


√ This presentation will provide a clinical update on minimally invasive approaches for Esthetic Implant Site Development.
The utilization of recombinantly engineered platelet-derived growth factor-BB (rhPDGF-BB) has accelerated the trend toward minimally invasive surgical procedures to preserve and enhance the esthetic foundation for dental implant supported restorations.  This program will present guidelines for incremental levels of flap elevation from flapless to open procedures for implant site development.  The use of growth factors has increased the ability for optimal hard and soft tissue regeneration with less invasive techniques.  This course will provide a decision matrix for how to manage extraction site defects including whether to raise a flap and how to sequence soft tissue grafting.

Vertical Ridge Construction

Live in March 16th 2021 11.00 Athens time


 2.5 hours course with the latest topic of Dr. Marco Ronda

〉 45 minutes Questions and Answers ( Q&A )

〉 30 days access to review the entire course


√ The loss of teeth, always causes an alteration of the residual tissue volume – both in terms of hard tissues and of soft.
Re-absorption patterns have been extensively reported in literature – whether they be a question of single elements or of what concerns residual partial and total atrophy resulting from multiple avulsions.
Bone augmentation procedures, including GBR (guided bone regeneration), consent the reconstruction of the missing volumes so as to succeed in achieving aesthetic and functional implant-prosthetic rehabilitation.
The key element to success in such a technique, especially in the presence of considerable atrophy, lies in the initial planning, -followed up by accuracy in carrying out the technique, extreme care in the procedural phases and in the delicate touch of the surgeon’s hand.

Prosthetic Planning To Obtain Natural Esthetics On Implants

Live in March 23rd 2021 13:00 Athens time


 2 hours course with the latest topic of Dr. Alvise Cenzi

〉 30 minutes Questions and Answers ( Q&A )

〉 7 days access to review the entire course

〉 39 Euro only, if you book now


√ To achieve natural appearence is the main goal when restoring implants in the aesthetic area.

Therefore, a precise and proper prosthetic and surgical planning is required. 

New technologies like Intraoral scanning and computer guided surgery can be very helpful and easy to use.

Along this presentation, a key aspect like the prosthetic emergence profile, will be discussed and some useful surgical and prosthetic tips about how to reach predictable results in the management of the soft tissues will be explained.

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