Dr. Gianluca Paniz Day

Doctor Gianluca Paniz Day Mar 24th 2021 10.00 A.M. Athens Time

Learning Objectives

Understanding the biology of the periodontal tissues and of the peri-implant tissues important for the restorative dentist.

Knowing the restorative clinical procedures to be performed around teeth in the esthetic zone, with specific interest on tooth preparation, definitive impression and provisionalization.

Knowing the restorative clinical procedures to be performed around implants in the esthetic zone, with specific interest on ovate pontics, provisionalization and definitive impression.

Understanding a rational to select the best materials for the definitive esthetic restorations, both on teeth and on implants.

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Sept 2010/ present Universita’ degli Studi di Padova Padova, Italy
Professore a Contratto

Jan 2008/ present TUFTS University School of Dental Medicine Boston, USA
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Postgraduate Prosthodontic Division


Regular membership
A.N.D.I. (National Association of Italian Dentists)
A.I.O.P (Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry)
A.D.A. (American Dental Association)
I.C.P. (Italian College of Prosthodontists)

Active membership
A.C.P. (American College of Prosthodontics ): international fellow
I.T.A. (Italian Tufts Alumni): fonder member
I.A.E.D. (Italian Academy Esthetic Dentistry): active member
S.I.O. (Italian Society of Implantology): active member, member of the Scientific Committee (2013-2014)
president of the Scientific Committee from Jan 2015 to Dec 2016
I.A.O. (Italian Academy of Osteointegration): active member


Endoprotetyka, Chapter 10: Implant restorations
Zarow M
Quintessence Poland 2013 (published in Polish, Russian and English language)

Il successo in Implantologia: Capitolo 7 (Gianluca Paniz et al): Trattamento delle edentulie parziali
Testo a cura della Società Italiana di Implantologia Osseointegrata
Edra 2013

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