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Product Description

Learning objectives for Dental Clinic Teams

  • To predict the final esthetic outcome before treatment
  • To determine when an immediate implant is efficacious
  • To understand hard and soft tissue limitations and solutions
  • To determine the endodontic success rather than an implant

Understanding the biology of the periodontal tissues and of the peri-implant tissues important for the restorative dentist

Knowing the restorative clinical procedures to be performed around teeth in the esthetic zone, with specific interest on tooth preparation, definitive impression and provisionalization

Understanding a rational to select the best materials for the definitive esthetic restorations, both on teeth and on implants

  • Describe step by step the Mucogingival surgery for soft tissue dehiscence coverage around implants

Describe the surgical procedure combining  transmucosal implant placement and simoultaneous submarginal  connective tissue graft in the posterior area

Describe the Mucogingival approach for the delayed implant placement

Describe the Mucogingival approach in combination with immediate post extraction implant placement and immediate loading in the frontal area


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