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Surgical and Non-Surgical Laser Applications in Periodontology/Prosthetic Planning to Obtain Natural Esthetics on Implants.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what a laser is and what are the clinical benefits of using this technology.

    Learn the basic operating rules for laser units and the safety rules for use for patients and operators.

    Learn the indications for treatment of the lasers most frequently used in dentistry: diode and erbium family. Laser of choice in Periodontology for each surgical and non-surgical treatment indication.

    Know the ideal emergence profile for implant restorations in the aesthetic area.

    Learn how to determine implant position starting from the restoration’s profile.

    Choose the right ridge preservation protocol when extracting a tooth in aesthetic are.

    Know the different options for bone and soft tissue regeneration.


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4 hours course with the latest tricks and tips of Dr. Ruiz & Dr. Cenzi;

〉 60 minutes Questions and Answers ( Q&A );

〉 30 days access to review the entire course

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